“An apple a day keeps the doctor away!” this adage has been virtually repeated infinite times by people all around and has been fixated in our minds since kindergarten.

From being the forbidden fruit for Adam and Eve to being the name of the most popular electronics company in the world, “Apple” surely has some really interesting connotations.


Another fascinating component derived from Apples is fermented juice. Currently, a fad among health enthusiasts all over it is known as the Apple Cider Vinegar. Want to know more about its benefits?

 Squeezing out some goodness from Apples!

Apple Cider Vinegar or Cider Vinegar is prepared from fermented apple juice. This juice is extracted by squeezing and crushing those red apples. Tiny buddies like certain Bacteria and yeast help in the alcoholic fermentation of this extract. Sugars are first converted to alcohol and then finally fermented to Vinegar. The apples go through a two-stage fermentation process and ta-da you get this magical liquid!!

It has a very low-calorie count, around 3 calories per spoon. Packed with health benefits and various uses, one must surely try it.

Enhance your food’s taste!

With its sourness and tanginess caused by acetic acid and malic acid, Apple cider vinegar is loved for its unique taste. People use it as a salad dressing, in chutneys, pickles, and soups. It’s also used in food preservation. It kills the bacteria in the food that leads to spoilage. Put some cider vinegar to your salad and notice the difference!!

Keep the digestion issues at bay!

Apple cider is a natural laxative aids digestion. The enzymes in cider vinegar increase the acidity in your tummy and your system processes your food more efficiently and rapidly. Take about a miracle worker! It’s recommended to drink it before having protein-rich food.

Cider Vinegar is here to cut down your Body Fat!

The consumption of apple cider vinegar helps you feel full. Satiety causes you to eat less and also improved metabolism helps aid weight loss. Inculcate apple cider vinegar with a regular exercise regime and you notice the difference in your waistline.

Sugar! Cider Vinegar will help you manage your Sugar!

If you are suffering from diabetes, regulating blood sugar levels is quite essential. Apple cider vinegar helps in reducing blood sugar levels when combined with a proper diet and medication.

Say hello to happy hair and stunning skin!

Another very important benefit you can get from this fermented juice is that it’s good for your skin and hair, Acne, aging, sunburn! If you have these problems, there is one simple solution. It also helps reduce dandruff and frizz. You can use it as a toner and also add it to your bathwater. You get the idea, it’s almost like a life-changing product no big deal!!

Fresher breath to impress!

Due to its anti-bacterial properties, apple cider vinegar helps you with bad breath. A cheap alternative to commercial chemical packed mouthwashes. Dilute it in water and use it to get a cleaner and fresher mouth. Feel more confident on your next date!! You get it right??

Smell better with cider vinegar

Did you know apple cider vinegar can actually make you smell good?? Instead of using those deodorants and sprays, apple cider vinegar can be used to wipe your armpits which will help you smell better. It’s is popular among many people. I don’t know where I’ve been?!

Bake cakes and muffins

Especially if you are a vegetarian and can’t use eggs, apple cider vinegar can be of great help in baking. It adds a nice flavor and texture which makes your cakes and candies tastier.

Love things clean! You will love this Cider vinegar!

Whether as dish detergent or to remove stains or clean your toothbrush! This multi-purpose liquid impresses you with its cleaning ability. Due to its anti-bacterial properties, you can rinse your dishes and toothbrushes in it. Mix the vinegar about 2 tablespoons with water and use it to clean your toothbrush or add it to your dishwasher and you will notice the magic.

It’s cheap and readily available or, try making your own cider vinegar at home.

Indeed a great all-in-one fascinating magical fermented juice! Well, we did use a lot of adjectives there!!