10 Surprising Home Remedies To Get Rid of Acne

Acne or pimples usually start occurring from the teenage years and beyond. It reduces once you pass the age of 30 years. But until then it is a rocky road on your face for some people. You are probably reading this in order to find a solution for treating acne on your face. By reading the tips below and following these simple and easy steps could actually educate you on how you could look after your face better.

Here are some home remedies that you can follow in order to get rid of acne at the comfort of your home. You will be impressed with the results that these acne removal methods can provide you with.

Warm compress

Try soaking a very clean cloth in a bowl of hot water and keeping it on your face especially to the acne area. This procedure would soften your skin and help the pimple beneath developing a pimple head which would then make it easy for healing to become quicker. Continue this process twice a day morning and night and keep your face clean as ever at any time of the day.

Tea tree oil

Tea tree oil is a type of essential oil that could be easily found in any supermarket or cosmetic store too. The substance which is in tea tree oil destroys the bacteria which creates the pimple. Tea tree oil includes antibacterial substances which helps us a lot to fight acne and pimples. It is a must-have product at every home.

Mix 1 Teaspoon tea tree oil along with 9 teaspoons of water. Then dip a small cotton bud, cotton wool or any clean cloth on the solution and apply it on the area of your pimple. Try leaving it on your face for about 10 minutes before washing it off with like warm water. Do not forget to apply a good moisturizing cream after washing your face and continue this process for 4 to 5 days.

Toothpaste application

Toothpaste is a very handy household substance used for many things and pimples too. It is most advisable to always use white toothpaste which is safer at any time. Apply the toothpaste over your acne which would make it smaller and create a soreness overnight. Apply the toothpaste at night and leave it overnight before washing it off. Keep continuing this process for around four to five days daily until the pimple totally disappears.


Similar to tea tree oil, honey too has the substance of antibacterial items included in it to fight pimples. Honey is said to also work like a deep cleanser which can be used daily for the best maintenance of your skin.

Applying a little bit of honey through a cotton ball on your pimple and leaving it for about 10 or 20 minutes and wash your face. Continue this for 3 times a day for about a week for best results.

Lemon juice

The Citric acid indicated in lemon helps to fight pimples. It also is a great anti-bacterial substance that helps to clear out the dirt and bacteria to clear your face. Apply lemon juice on the affected area with a cotton ball and leave it to dry for a short time of 20 minutes and then wash your face off with slightly warm water. Repeat this process as a daily remedy for a cleaner face.

Aloe Vera

Aloe Vera is a natural remedy that helps to reduce inflammation and redness of the acne. The healing process that also occurs in your face is a healthy movement to your face. Look for an aloe Vera plant and get the gel extracted out of it and apply a small amount on the area of the acne. It is advisable to keep the extracted gel for 20 minutes on your pimple before washing it off. Apply twice a day for best and quick results.

Epsom salt

A commonly used home remedy to fight acne is Epsom salt. Epsom salt also helps to reduce the pain and inflammation of the acne.

Mix a teaspoon of Epsom salt with half a cup of water. Stir it well until the salt is well dissolved in the cup. Keep the hot water cup for it to cool down until it’s brought to a level of room temperature. Through the use of a cotton ball, apply the solution to the affected area and leave it to dry on its own.

Apple cider vinegar

Apple cider vinegar includes a high volume of antiseptic substance which works to prevent bacterial energy which triggers skin infections. Apple cider vinegar is an item that can be easily found in stores. Applying a small quantity of Apple cider vinegar through cotton wool on the affected area for a few minutes would be the perfect way to treat acne. It is also important to note that this substance should not be held too long on your skin as it could further burn your skin.

Applying alcohol

The soothing and cooling energy which alcohol has could actually great treat your acne in a very healthy manner. Apply a small capacity of alcohol through cotton wool on the area of the pimple for half an hour and wash your face with lukewarm water afterward.


Turmeric is an ancient Ayurveda substance used for treating acne or pimples. It has the power to reduce inflammation and fight against bacterial growth. The best way to use turmeric for acne is to apply it directly or on a form of paste on to the pimple. Leaving the substance to dry for 10 minutes before washing it from water. Repeat daily until satisfying results occur.

Follow one or more of these methods at the convenience of your home and you can easily overcome the appearance of acne on your skin. You will love the results that these methods can deliver.