6 Foods You Should Never Eat If You Want to Live a Long Life

Some may be confused about which food is best for good health. Most people avoid some kind of food just because of their reasons, maybe they want to lose weight, prevent certain illnesses or due to directions given by the physician after a certain illness. It is very hard to avoid certain food that you are used to, especially if they are tasty. Moreover, it is no surprise to discover that most food we are cautioned not to eat may not mean that they are harmful to our health, and it may not be that bad for all of us. Since what may seem bad for someone else may not be bad to all of us. Now, I believe that not everyone will agree with some of my choices, but very much encourage you to do more research on your own to find what maybe resonate with you. Some foods we are going to talk about may not be harmful but they offer low nutritional value to our health. So here is a list of those foods you can consider staying away from.

Soda pop

Soda pop is made mostly chemical, and that is why to me, I can term it as liquid poison. It comprises chemicals sweeten with high fructose corn syrup which provides no nutritional calories. Its sugary content has no fiber and thus it slows the release of sugar into your bloodstream and thus causing massive spikes in blood sugar level, and thus making your liver and pancreas struggle in pushing sugars from your bloodstream to your cells. Moreover, soda is very acidic and hence it leads to body difficulty in regulating its PH.

Substitute: if you are craving for something fizzy, go for kombucha. It is a naturally fermented tea drink. Instead, you can also use natural juice or water to hydrate your body.

Deep-fried foods

Oils that are heated to extreme temperatures result in alteration of their chemical structures and hence denaturing them. Frying to extreme temperatures also causes protein coagulation and denaturing of the actual food nutrients and as a result, these foods will rob body nutrients instead of providing additions.

Substitute: bake your potato fries, chips or broil your meat through pan-frying or deep frying. If you’re going to cook in high heat, use coconut oil instead.

Genetically modified corn

Genetically modified corn has been altered from its cellular level by pesticide content. People believe that the chemicals used to generate GMO corn products are only on its surface, but I am here to tell you that this is bad news to your body health.

Substitute: use unprocessed grain products and go for veggies if you’re looking for something to serve together.

White flour

The white floor, in general, is nutritionally devoid, since the germ and the bran have been removed. What we are left with is the endosperm. The nutritious oil is located in the bran and the germ is the main source of vitamins and minerals is the bran. After processing, these two nutritious parts have been gotten rid of, and the only remaining content is nothing but starch. The remaining starch is then processed further through bleaching and the remaining content is very acidic and thus provides your body with no nutrition at all.

Substitute: you can go for whole grain such as wheat, oat, rye or spelled. You can try with sprouted grain products.

Hydrogenated vegetable oils

Hydrogenated vegetable oils are more experimental products than food. These products are made through the process of adding monosaturated to hydrogen molecules and polyunsaturated oils which require high heat, heavy metals and a laundry list of chemicals in its production process. These oils end up damaging your cells slowly if used for long, because of its toxic nature.

 These products do not expire on a shelf, and that means, it cannot breakdown naturally and this means that your body will be in its hard time in trying to breakdown these compounds. You should avoid these products at all costs since it is not heart-healthy.

Substitutes: you would rather use coconut oil products, extra virgin olive oil or cacao butter.

Convectional dairy products

Nowadays cows are impregnated artificially at a time for years so that they can produce milk for commercial purposes. They are pumped with hormones, antibiotics among other medications to make sure that they produce required milk supply and fight infections and illnesses they are vulnerable with.

Milk from these cows is very acidic and will alter the body PH, hence the body will try to balance its PH by drawing alkaline minerals stored in bones and teeth, and this will cause a lack of calcium in your body.

Substitute: use plant-based milk such as coconut or almond, goat milk, and even organic cow milk.