You Might Be Depressed If You’re Suffering From These 8 Symptoms

Depression is more common, then people realize. But it seems like everyone knows someone who has been depressed. It can happen to anyone though we may not always know all the signs. But anyone can get the devastating symptoms of depression and help is out there

There are many signs and symptoms to look out for with depression. Here are the most common ones to look out for.

1. Loss Of Interest in Daily Activities.

 Someone may give up on activities they once loved. They may stop participating in sports, or they may give up on hobbies they once did all the time. They may stop seeing friends and family, and they may stay in their rooms alone all the time. Some may sleep all the time and stay in bed all day long. Lack of personal hygiene is also a sign. They may stop taking showers and bathing. They may not care about their appearances and may stop wearing make-up or stop caring about their hair.

2. They May Feel Sad, Hopeless or Worthless

They may feel sad all the time for no particular reason and feel there is no hope for them now or in the future. They may have lost their self-worth and feel that they are worthless and not capable of doing anything right, or they may feel their prospects are bleak or not worth living anymore. No amount of encouragement picks up their spirits.

3. They May Have Crying Spells

When they feel helpless or hopeless, they may cry for no apparent reason. Little things may bother them and bring them to tears. No words of encouragement reach them. They may not be able to control their emotions, and they may lash out verbally even to people they love and care about. Happy and fun things may also make them cry, and they can not explain why.

4. They May Have Restlessness or Sleeping too Much and Fatigue or Trouble Falling Asleep

They may have nervous energy and feel the need to keep moving, or they may feel tired and weak even after sleeping. They may sleep all the time and never fell rested. On the other hand, they may not be able to fall asleep and go long periods without sleep.

5. They May Have Unintentional Weight gain or Weightloss

They may lose their appetite or food may lose its taste. On the other hand, eating may be a comfort. They may eat to cover up their feelings. Weight gain can also be from a lack of exercise.

6. Irritability

They can be over-sensitive, and they can feel others think they never do anything right. They may feel others can never do anything right. Little things that never bothered them before may bother them now. They may be very sensitive to something said to them, even if they are innocent words.

7. Loss Of Interest In Sex

They may have reduced desires or feelings. This could stem from feelings of being unattractive or ugly. They could feel unworthy or worthless. They could have guilt about feeling any pleasure do to the sense of unworthiness.

8. They May Have Suicidal Thoughts or Behavior

They may feel so badly that they want to die. They may have feelings of hopelessness that leads to feelings of wanting to die. They may feel like others may be better off without them. They may engage in self-injurious behavior, like cutting or engaging in other dangerous acts.

There are plenty of signs to look for to tell if a person’s depressed. It is essential to take action if you see the signs, and there is help available to those who need it.