Best Foods to Boost Your Memory

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More and more research is revealing how diet affects brain health & memory. It shows that eating lots of some meals might impair memory, but eating other foods regularly can boost memory and reduce the chance of dementia as we age. Let’s look at which dietary habits might help you improve your memory and maintain optimal brain health.

When we talk about saturated fat or excessive blood cholesterol, we typically think about heart health. However, excessive saturated fat intake and elevated blood cholesterol levels might negatively influence brain function. Cholesterol plaque forms in every blood artery in the body, including the brain. When this happens, oxygen isn’t supplied to brain cells as effectively as it should be, resulting in flawed thinking and memory.

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Five Memory-Boosting Foods

Your brain is a significant organ. It is responsible for keeping your heart beating & lungs breathing, as well as allowing you to feel, move, & think as the command center of your body.

That is why it is crucial to keep your brain in good working order.

Foods can help keep your brain healthy & improve certain mental functions such as memory and concentration. The Mediterranean diet has indeed been related to better memory and memory protection. This eating pattern emphasizes fats that are high in unsaturated fats and low in saturated fats. These memory enhancers are part of a Balanced diet and have been investigated for their memory benefits.