Effective Ways To Deal With Your Snoring Problem

1. Sleep On Your Side And Elevate Your Head

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Sleeping on your side can be a good way help someone who tends to snore at night. Often people who sleep on their back will snore because it causes their palate to relax and sometimes even their tongue to slip backward. It can also narrow down their airways while they are in this position.

In turn, these things can cause obstruction, and when the individual breathes they produce a rattling noise. Sleeping on their side can make a person snore much less, not as loudly, or even completely stop it altogether. If you tend to turn over in your sleep, put a pillow against your back to prevent this from happening.

As well as that, place a pillow under your head so that your head is elevated by about 4 inches from the bed. This, again, can help to keep your airways open while you are sleep and thus help you stop snoring.