Effective Ways To Deal With Your Snoring Problem

5. Try To Not Drink Any Alcohol Before Bedtime Or Take Sedatives

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Drinking any kind of alcohol before you go to sleep can actually lead to a reduction is respiratory control, and can also relax your muscles, which will also mean the muscles that are found in your throat that keep it open.

When you drink alcohol right before bed, this will contribute to a more relaxed palate, as well as a tongue which can easily slip to the back of your throat, and a jaw which tends to sag. All if these things combined together are a way to make you much more predisposed to snoring.

If you think that your snoring may be the result of late night drinking, try to cut down on it or replace it with a non-alcoholic drink. While giving something like this up may be hard for some people, it could be a very effective way of helping to curb your snoring problems and frustrating your spouse.

In the same way alcohol can result in snoring, sedatives, or sleeping tablets, tend to have the very same effect. Sedatives will also relax the muscles in your throat, including the soft palate, which, again, blocks the airway and contributes to snoring. If you have to take sedatives to help you fall asleep at night, try to talk to your doctor about other possible options or treatments that can reduce your insomnia.