Stop Doing These Things When You Wake Up

Close that Work Email.

If we’re not checking our social media, we go check our work emails. A lot of us has placed our work at the center of our life. Sometimes, we are so driven by achieving professional goals that we forget to take care of ourselves.

Do you see yourself as a workaholic? Being a workaholic sounds something like this, you work beyond office hours to ensure that you are productive. Then when you do decide to go home, you continue working. If you fall in this category, you might want to consider pausing a little bit.

Sure, work allows you to have food on the table. Building your career is essential so you can afford some of the things you might want. However, you need to remember that life is not just about work. Remember, your inbox can wait until you start official office hours. No matter how important these emails are, they will still be there by the time you clock in.

Use your morning for yourself. Why don’t you use that time of silence to reflect and meditate? You might be surprised that you can even be more productive if you allow yourself to recover from the long day you had yesterday. It is vital to ensure that you not only have a healthy body but a healthy mind too.