Top 7 Natural Kidney Cleansing Foods

The human body cleanses itself every day. In particular, our kidneys filter out unwanted substances in our blood, which are then eliminated via urination. For maximum well-being, we need to keep our filters clean so they function optimally.

The kidneys suffer the most from lack of urination and calcification. Luckily for us, nature has provided several ways we can manage these two trouble spots for our kidneys.

Below are listed 8 kidney cleansing foods that will not only give them a gentle scrubbing but also improve your overall health. Talk about a win-win situation. It’s also best to buy these foods organically to see the best results.

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1. Water

Drinking pure, distilled water is the best way to assist your kidneys. It encourages urination, which is primarily how the body discards waste. Most may not know that they can decrease the risk of kidney stone production by simply using the bathroom a lot!

Water is also important for every organ in the body, considering that over half the body is comprised of this simple liquid. Drinking at least 0.9 gallons of pure water daily is more than enough to maintain a healthy system.