What You Need to Know About Foot Pain

Foot pain sucks, and if you have it, this article is just for you. IN this article we are going to talk about the most common causes of foot pain and how to deal with it. If you can barely stand or every step you take sucks due to foot pain well guess what, you are not alone. 8 out 0f 10 Americans, have experienced foot pain and those with chronic foot pain are most likely to suffer within other parts of the body. Feet are oftentimes overlooked but when they hurt it can be unbearable, and annoying.

Top 10 Causes of Foot Pain

Improper Fit of Shoes– Yes, this is obviously one of the main culprits of foot pain because maybe you see a shoe that you like or want but it is not in your right size, but you don’t care cause you have to be more glamorous than Jeff or Sarah at the party right? Wrong, because at the end of the day the jokes on you because you just gave yourself foot pain.

Bunions– what are bunions? They are an unattractive bony bump that forms at the base of the big toe. These are common in women because they can happen when wearing narrow shoes, poorly fitted.

Corn and Calluses-These are basically hardened layers of the skin when the skin wants to protect itself from a lot of pressure or friction.

High Heels– We all know that high heels are awesome and can elevate your look. Heel lovers, I know you love your high heels but this causes foot pain as well being that high heels put your feet in an unnatural position. You can still wear your high heels just do not wear high heels for excessive periods of time. Oh yeah, some heels the way they are designed can also be the reason why you can form a bunion.

Gout-Which is a form of arthritis when you have excess uric acid.

Ingrown toenails-These bad boys happen when they decide they want to grow into the soft flesh and cause pain, redness, and swelling.

Arthritis -arthritis is basically joint inflammation and can have arthritis in the foot.

Ankle Sprain-If you have an ankle sprain, I am so sorry. Ankle sprain sucks. There are more than 3 million cases per year in the US. Ankle sprain happens when there is a tear in the tough tissue called ligaments that hold your bones together, this leads to painful swelling and a limited range of motion.

Diabetes– Yes, if you are diabetic, you can have some nerve damage caused by diabetes. (Diabetic neuropathy) This damage occurs because high blood sugar or glucose can cause injury to the nerves throughout the body. It can range from pain to numbness in your legs and feet problems. This can be disabling and painful for some people. There are at least four main types of diabetic neuropathy, however this article is not about diabetes and its neuropathy, it is about foot pain. Now that we went over a couple of causes of foot pain, let’s chat about how to alleviate foot pain. Don’t worry I got your foot, haha I mean back!

How To Alleviate Foot Pain

Massage Your Feet– Taking the time out of your day to treat your feet love, they will treat you with love back. Just take some lotion or oil in your hands and concentrate on the sore area of your feet and press your fingers firmly, (not too hard) but firmly and rub your fingers around in a circular motion. Close your eyes when you do this as well and take deep calming relaxing breaths.

Rest Your Feet– Stay off your feet. Sometimes you have to stay off your feet. If you walk all the time everywhere you go, how about this time you actually get a nice friend to drive you around or a family member. Also, the places you go to throughout your daily life make sure that you find chairs and take advantage of them,

Wear Proper Fitted Shoes– Stop wearing the wrong size shoe, or shoes that don’t fit properly. I don’t care how good looking the shoes are, if they don’t have your size, you could email the seller and ask them if they could make your size, when they will have more or whatever you need to do but just don’t wear poorly fitted shoes again!

Take Over the Counter Pain Relievers- Taking over the counter pain medication can help alleviate the pain.

Wear an Insert-Inserting an orthotic insert that is custom made can help out as well or wear shock-absorbing shoes, or even shoes with memory foam. Memory foam shoes feel like you are walking on clouds. It is very pleasant.

Go See a Physical Therapist– If you have a physical therapist, you should pay him a visit and get them to work those kinks out.

Go See Your Doctor– IF your foot pain persists, you should pay a visit to see your doctor as there may be some serious underlying causes.

Suffer with Foot Pain no more, take action and alleviate your foot pain today!