5 Foods That You Must Stop Eating Now If You Love Your Eyes

Since you were a kid your parents must have told you to eat enough carrots because they are great for your eyes. Not only carrots, bright-colored vegetables, and fruits are great for eye health as they are rich in lots of nutrients and vitamins. But, do you know that certain foods are bad not only for your overall health but for your eyes as well? The worst thing is most of you eat such foods on a regular basis.

It is important for you to stop eating these foods if you really care about your eyes. So, let us discover 5 such foods that are harmful to your eyes and let us stop eating them right from now.

Dressing and Table Sauces

Dressings and table sauces are the first foods that we would want to draw your attention to. You might never have considered them to be unhealthy, but the fact is, they are extremely rich in fats and sugars. And, there is no point in eating a healthy bowl of salad when you are going to add such sugary dressings and make them unhealthy anyway.

Too much sugar is harmful to your system and to your eye as well. As per a study, links have been found between AMD (age-related macular degeneration) and sugary foods. The study showed that those participants who ate too much high GI foods had higher chances of suffering from AMD at least in one of their eyes.

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So, even though you do not realize it, your so-called healthy diet is full of sugar. You might feel that by eating salads with dressings and avoiding chocolates and desserts you are doing yourself a favor. But, those dressings and sauces are only ruining things for you. Are only these dressings bad for your eyes? No, there are more that you need to know about.